Exinda Training Syllabus

Day 1

Day 2


~ Company overview

~ Product introduction, capabilities & key features

Control & Optimization

~ Understand Optimization

~ Exinda Optimization

~ Optimizer

~ Optimizer Configuration

~ The need for Application Acceleration

~ Review Application Acceleration Techniques

~ Setup Application Acceleration

~ Basic Troubleshooting for Application Acceleration

~ Monitoring Application Acceleration

~ Best Practices on Application Acceleration


~ Understand Exinda: Wire Bypass, Deployment and Operational Mode

~Physical appliance deployment and virtual appliance deployment

Control & Optimization

Hands on session


~ Installation requirements

~ Device access methods and configuration

Edge Cache

What is Edge Cache and when should it be used.

Network Objects

What are network objects and how they are used across the Exinda modules (aka Exinda internal data base)

Central Management Reporting

~ Exinda’s Service Delivery Point (SDP)

~ Learn how to manage SDP

Initial Setup And Objects

Hands on session

Central Management Reporting

~ Exinda Software Client – demonstration and overview

~ Capabilities and deployment options 

Monitoring & Reporting

~Set up various traffic monitoring options, e.g. Real time, Interfaces, Network, Optimization, Reduction, Service Levels, System, Applications, Hosts, Conversations, and Subnets

~ Special attention to MS Active Directory Integration

~ Understand and set up Application Performance Scoring (APS), remote service level agreements, APM and MOS scoring

~ Generate, schedule and export reports and statistics

Maintenance & Troubleshooting

~ Support Services provided by Exinda

~ Firmware Updates

~ Common Problems

~ Troubleshooting Tools

~ Exinda TAC, References and Guides