G/On 5.5 - Enterprise Security for iPad & iPhone

posted Jun 8, 2011, 1:41 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jun 8, 2011, 2:40 AM ]
3rd June 2011 - Giritech is proud to announce release 5.5 of the award winning secure virtual access solution G/On.
A significant new feature of G/On 5.5 is fully integrated support for Apple iOS bringing enterprise security to iPhone and iPad. G/On is one of few products on the market that in a single integrated solution provides secure access to company resources from all popular user devices based on the Windows, Mac, Linux, and iOS operating systems. G/On provides organizations a simple solution for strong two-factor authentication, 256 bit AES encrypted communication, network access control, and user context driven application authorization and provisioning.

G/On 5.5 also introduces new capabilities for enterprise deployment as well as an impressive list of new and improved connectivity options. In addition to G/On’s current functionality for Single Sign-On for Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) and Citrix, G/On 5.5 now also provides Single Sign-On and full support for web application platforms like Outlook Web Access (OWA), Microsoft SharePoint, intranets, portals, and other web apps. G/On’s current file sharing capabilities has been expanded with full support for secure remote access to network drives and folders making it easy for IT organizations to give users secure access to applications and to securely share information and files through G/On.

Another very important aspect of today’s announcement is the introduction of a simpler and much more competitive pricing model. The new structure enables customers to acquire G/On targeted for very specific purposes and at a very attractive price. In addition to our current “complete” G/On solution, customers now also have the option to buy:

1. G/On for RDP – Secure Remote Desktop access to office desktops and Terminal Server farms
2. G/On for Citrix – Secure access to Citrix server farms
3. G/On for Web Apps – Secure access to web applications

All G/On solutions are offered at a new and simple per-user pricing model and the three new targeted solutions are designed to meet the needs of organizations standardizing on Microsoft Terminal Server/Virtual Desktops, Citrix, or Web Apps technologies. For organizations with multiple technologies the three solutions can be “mixed and matched” according to the needs of their user base. Or, organizations can, as today, choose the “complete” G/On solution supporting all connectivity options.

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