New Release Announcement: L.E.M.S.S. 8.0 General Availability

posted Jun 2, 2014, 4:20 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jun 2, 2014, 4:27 AM ]

We are very pleased and excited to announce the general availability of L.E.M.S.S. 8.0!  This release introduces the new Lumension® Mobile Device Management (LMDM) module into the L.E.M.S.S. Enterprise solution, along with the new L.E.M.S.S. 8.0 platform which provides increased stability and visibility of L.E.M.S.S. agent installation and upgrade, a new look and feel on the server with a responsive user interface (UI), support for the latest Windows operating systems and platforms, and much more.  The Suite (server manifest) and Agent manifest number will be

How will this release become available?

For L.E.M.S.S. v7.1+ upgrades, after the next server replication the update will be available in the Installation Manager within the L.E.M.S.S. Console. The agent update will then replicate to the server and become available for install.   

For new installations, the L.E.M.S.S. 8.0 installer can be downloaded from the Lumension Customer Portal.

Existing customers with active subscriptions or maintenance agreements as well as current evaluations will have access to 8.0 via the methods above.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Because L.E.M.S.S. 7.0 is in Self-Support there is no direct upgrade to v8.0.  Customers must upgrade the v7.0 server by downloading and installing the L.E.M.S.S. v7.2 server installer from the archive section in the Customer Portal Downloads tab.  Once they have upgraded from v7.0 to v7.2, the integrated Installation Manager will upgrade the server to v8.0.  Although L.E.M.S.S. 7.1 recently moved into Self-Support, we are still supporting direct upgrades from L.E.M.S.S. 7.1 to L.E.M.S.S. 8.0.  This is the last planned release to support direct upgrades from L.E.M.S.S. 7.1. 

What’s new in this release?

·        L.E.M.S.S. 8.0 introduces the new Lumension® Mobile Device Management (LMDM) module which allows organizations to manage and control smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices connecting to their IT networks and/or accessing corporate data.  Organizations will now have visibility, security policy enforcement, and ongoing management across multiple mobile platforms – all from our single management server.  Mobile Device Management accommodates both bring-your-own-device and corporate-owned mobile endpoints. Apple iOS and Google Android Platforms are supported.

·        The Lumension EMSS user interface has been redesigned to provide an updated look & feel along with responsive interaction for customers. The new UI includes accessibility from a variety of screen resolutions, including mobile device displays as well as providing improved accessibility for users with disabilities and conformity to some internationalization requirements.

·        The Lumension EMSS Agent and Server platforms are updated to improve stability and reliability during installs, uninstalls, and upgrades.

·        The Groups page Endpoint Membership view has had an IP Address column added, which you can use to identify endpoints with identical names.

·        Documentation for Smart Card Authentication support (Common Access Card Authentication Standard), enabling Lumension EMSS sign-on using Smart Cards (available upon request).

·        The L.E.M.S.S. version of Device Control now provides Online State Definition so that online and offline policies can use wired or server connectivity similar to that provided in Lumension Endpoint Security.

·        The Vulnerabilities page and other pages used to view security content have had new features added to help identify content of interest.

o   The Package Status column can now be sorted, helping you quickly identify which packages have been cached.

o   A new Vendor column has been added, letting you sort content items according to their creator.

o   A new Vendor Release Date column has been added, helping you see what content have been released most recently.

·        Server support has been added for Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2 Operating Systems and Agent support has been added for Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2.

Where Can I Find More Information?

Please refer to the L.E.M.S.S. 8.0 Release Notes KB Article for more information.