SecureData 5.0 Protects Data Against Advanced Persistent Threats and Keeps Data Safe in Cloud Services

posted Jan 11, 2012, 7:28 AM by Unknown user

SINGAPORE, Wednesday 11 January 2012 --- SecureAge today announces SecureData 5.0, a new release that effectively protects data from Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), rootkit, malware and zero-day attacks, whether in the network or cloud services.


SecureData is a simple, cost-effective yet military-grade policy-based data encryption software solution with a proactive, pervasive and persistent (3P) Data Protection approach which differs from regular encryption solutions:

- Proactive: Intelligently and automatically encrypts all data files, eliminating any human error element.

- Pervasive: Data files stay encrypted in all local, removable and network storage, eliminating the danger of accidental data leaks. Conventional solutions are usually manually managed and restricted to a specific storage device.

- Persistent: All data files are encrypted at rest and in motion, nullifying any sniffers. Other solutions do not usually protect data in transit.

SecureData 5.0

SecureData 5.0 tightly integrates proprietary Application Binding and Application Whitelisting with its 3P engine, which effectively and resiliently defends against APTs, low-level rootkit, zero-day attacks and other malware attempting to steal data.

  • Protection against Rootkit and anti-malware-disabler
  • Application Whitelisting, a currently popular means of subverting APTs, creates a list of trusted applications in the users system which are allowed to run, and disallows untrusted applications (including malware) from running.

However, some APTs can hijack trusted applications, while rootkits can exist below the application and O/S layers beneath the whitelisting engine. Zero-day attacks can occur before people can update whitelists or blacklists.

SecureData 5.0's application lets users define the binding of specific types of data or data paths with specific applications. Thus, a compromized application will not be allowed to access data files.

SecureDatas Application Binding also creates sandboxes for vulnerable applications, e.g. web browsers, restricting data access to specified directories, thereby protecting system and data resources.

Advanced Persistent Attack Detection

SecureData 5.0 records all application usage and file access by all users in detailed log files, helping IT administrators to quickly monitor and respond to any unusual activity, reducing data or system breaches while meeting compliance requirements.

"It is very hard to eradicate APTs due to its sophisticated and persistent nature, but we can definitely minimize the risks and damage. SecureData is developed with the ultimate aim to help organizations increase operational efficiencies by protecting sensitive data against malware and prevent disruptive episodes like Operation Aurora, Stuxnet, RSA SecureID breach, night dragon, and Operation Shady RAT, and more," said Dr. Teow-Hin Ngair, chief executive officer and founder of SecureAge Technology.

Cloud Computing Data Security

SecureData 5.0 ensures that the users' data is always protected everywhere it is moved to and blocks unauthorized malware from accessing sensitive data even when the system is compromised. Even if any data is leaked, the data in cloud services and cloud applications continue to be persistently and safely encrypted.

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