Solera Networks - Comprehensive Threat Protection: Top Seven Strategies For Protecting Your Network

posted Jun 18, 2011, 8:13 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jun 18, 2011, 8:17 PM ]

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When: June 29, 2011 - 3:00pm ET (45 minutes)
Where: Your computer

Security professionals are well aware that the threat universe has broadened and deepened. There are more threat vectors than ever before, including social media tools like chat, instant messaging, Skype,  Facebook and Twitter. And the emerging plethora of mobile computing devices (now encompassing tabletsand smartphones) adds additional vulnerabilities. But that's not all: Hackers have become far more organized and focused. Long gone are the days of hacking for fame and glory; today's hackers are out for cash, or to actively damage their victims. And the stakes have never been higher--getting compromised can cost a company millions or billions in fines and required notifications, not to mention reputation damage. What can a security professional do in response?

Join Nemertes Research Senior Vice President Andreas M. Antonopoulos to uncover the seven strategies security professionals can take to provide comprehensive threat protection (CTP), ensuring that your network, servers,and applications are fully protected against today's assailants. Mr. Antonopoulos will present detail from the just-published Nemertes' paper "Comprehensive Threat Protection", articulate the emerging next-generation security architecture that companies can design for, and highlight best practices based on Nemertes' unique benchmarking methodology.

See how Solera Networks advanced network forensics solutions and the newly released Solera OS 5.0 helps you with the seven strategies Andreas will outline and help you visualizes, investigate and respond to any security event. For more information on Solera Networks, visit

We look forward to your joining us on the webinar.

Solera Networks Team