Solera OS 5.0 Now Available! - Defend Your Network Against Today's Threats

posted Jun 8, 2011, 2:34 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jun 8, 2011, 3:21 AM ]

7th June 2011 - The wait is over - Solera OS 5.0 is now available! Be among the first to experience how Solera OS 5.0 redefines visibility into network activities and helps you identify insider threats, malware, and APTs before they damage your organization. Solera OS 5.0 is a major upgrade to the award-winning network forensics platform. With more than 200 updates you and your network are more aware, more compliant, and more secure. Check out these top additions:

  1. A completely redesigned Solera DeepSee® UI gives you complete visibility into an attack and makes network security investigations a snap
  2. Application classification recognizes and indexes more than 530 applications - leading the competition by several hundred applications
  3. Geolocation and Google Earth® integration to map all sessions and traffic patterns to intuitively pinpoint suspicious activity
  4. DeepSee Active Reporting to instantly deliver query results and eliminate wasted investigation time waiting for reports
  5. DeepSee Media Panel built into Solera OS for quick viewing of all images crossing the network to effectively enforce acceptable use policy

Check out a quick 1-minute video on Solera OS 5.0.

Beta Testers Say Solera OS 5.0 Rocks!

Beta customers have extensively tested the new release. Feedback is universal: this release is a game changer in securing your network.

"The new features in Solera OS 5.0 give us an unprecedented view into the network and data" – Alex Holden, Director of Enterprise Security at Cyopsis

"The geolocation piece has increased productivity insanely" – Defense Contractor Security Administrator.

Want to see more of Solera OS 5.0? Please contact or call Daniel Cheng at +65 9880 1380 for more info.