SoleraSix Now Available! ­ Unpreceden​ted Visibility into your Network

posted Nov 30, 2011, 7:23 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Nov 30, 2011, 7:23 AM ]

Dear Valued Channels and Customers,

Solera Networks is excited to announce the release of SoleraSix! Be armed with the necessary information to see, know, and respond to today's ever-evolving threat landscape. SoleraSix is a major upgrade to the award-winning Network Security Analytics platform. With a set of industry-leading DeepSee® applications, SoleraSix enables remediation of security issues with the clarity of complete visibility into the network. Check out these top additions: 
  • Tie network activities together to paint a clear path of an outbreak with Root Cause Explorer
  • Use Rules and Alerts to automate recurring searches or identify the presence of events requiring in-depth review 
  • Analyze any PCAP from any system using the SoleraSix indexing and extraction modules with PCAP Import
  • Extractor Enhancements improve visualizations, support for SMB file transfers and email attachments
  • Import lists and build custom aliases for efficient execution of common and routine tasks using Custom Favorites
  • Metadata Retention performs long-term analysis on indexed packet and flow metadata spanning months or even years
  • Quickly identify traffic involving "black-listed" sites or compromised payloads using the on-demand reputation verdicts from 3rd party services with Reputation Services

Want to see more of SoleraSix? Try it out for yourself with the Solera Virtual Appliance 30-day Trial (VMware image download).