Vulnerability Assessment: Discovering threats you may have not known existed

posted Jan 25, 2012, 3:17 AM by Unknown user

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How does the Assessment take place?
  • A standard vulnerability scan using Rapid7 on any five of your critical public IPs servers without affecting network operations.
  • A full audit report based on the exploitable vulnerabilities discovered will be provided.
  • You will receive simplified Post-scan details on how to approach, mitigate and fix the threats discovered.
  • Rest assures that VA performed will not exploit the vulnerabilities found during the scan.
  • The VA will have minimum impact to the network performance and bandwidth using safe checks only.
  • NDA will be signed to protect your intellectual properties.
  • All vulnerability information found during the VA will be wiped out after the VA Scan is completed.
  • (Optional) Web application scan can be done upon request with limited functions enabled.
  • (Optional) On-site internal VA can be done as well for organization to understand better their internal network loopholes.
Why should you take advantage of this opportunity? Terms and Conditions


A vulnerability scan will cover the following:

  • Identify vulnerabilities at your network perimeter and provide guidance to address found exploits.
  • Determine actual security posture of company network environment.
  • Test web server and other external machines for possible security weakness.
  • (Optional) Test organization’s external defensive measures and capabilities to withstand various types of DoS attacks launched against their Internet facing networks, systems, and Web applications.
Terms and Conditions

All assessment will be done from Singapore via external scan within 4 hours during office hour. 

All Professional Services charge for time of technical consultant will be waived but a minimum cost

of USD$400 will be will be incurred for after office hours, weekend assessment or onsite local