Vulnerability Assessment Services to Empower your clients in Prioritizing Security spending for their IT Infrastructure

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Network Security Best Practices

Today we live in maze of connected seamless networks. Information systems need to reach out to users, vendors, customers and partners globally. Everything is connected to nearly everything else.

The IT Network threats facing both small and large businesses are too numerous to list, and market leaders agree that threats become more sophisticated every day. Recent Criminology reports the growing involvement of organised crime online.  It has shown there are alarming consequences to face for the industry as threats become money-motivated, and businesses are faced with the prospect of theft or even extortion.

In this volatile market, the CIO/CTO pays the ultimate price whenever corporate security is compromised. Removing or restricting network services is no longer an acceptable practice and the challenge remains to manage the risk facing the company daily.

Fortress can help YOU define security best practices to ensure that your environment is protected from the malicious threats and help your organization effectively achieve its vulnerability management, risk assessment, and policy compliance goals.

Vulnerability Assessment Services to Empower your clients in Prioritizing Security spending for their IT Infrastructure.

Many enterprises only perform vulnerability scanning as part of an overall security audit – perhaps as infrequently as once a year. This is a big mistake; not only do networks and network connections get updated far more frequently, but new vulnerabilities are discovered weekly.

For every organization, it's important to make vulnerability scanning a part of a regular security analysis with much more frequent scanning.

Target Audience

Vulnerability Assessments are generally for clients who already understand they are not where they want to be in terms of security. The customer already knows they have issues and simply need help identifying and prioritizing them. The deliverable for the assessment is, most importantly, a prioritized list of discovered vulnerabilities (and how to fix them).

Customer Maturity Level: Low to Medium. Usually requested by customers who already know they have issues, and need help getting started.

Goal: Attain a prioritized list of vulnerabilities in the environment so that remediation can occur.

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PCI Compliance Testing

Assess any potential gaps in your organizational and regulatory compliance programs including PCI in preparation for your formal assessment and audits.

Penetration Testing

Conduct a detailed penetration test to analyze your network, operating systems, services, applications, and databases for real exploits. Create a prioritized remediation plan to secure your corporate computing assets.

Web Application Security Audits

Audit your custom Web applications and run checks for key security threats such as Cross Site Scripting (XSS), SQL Injection, Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF), Buffer Overflows and other vulnerabilities based on the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Framework.

Security Best Practices Consulting

Develop a prioritized security plan, conduct a risk assessment and identify potential gaps in your security program. Implement security policies that minimize the risk posture of your organization.

Social Engineering

Identify potential security holes from an insider intrusion based on unauthorized employee access to confidential information. Leverage a number of techniques to identify employee-related vulnerabilities and arm your security teams with empirical data to improve your security posture.