Why IronKey Partners are Selling More Enterprise Solutions

posted Jun 10, 2011, 2:35 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jun 10, 2011, 2:44 AM ]

Here are 3 key reasons why Elite partners are selling more IronKey Enterprise:

1. Build a services renewal business: IronKey Elite partners receive renewal protection for Enterprise orders.

2. Increase account control: IronKey Enterprise allows our Partners to increase your footprint by adding more services such as McAfee Anti-Virus or extending subscription service contracts for a few years.

3. Gain more margin: Only Enterprise Solutions qualify for Deal Registration (up to 15 additional points) and sales incentives. Protect your opportunities by working closely with IronKey sales especially if special pricing is needed.

Promotions available to June 30, 2011

IronKey is offering attractive promotions for your existing customers and new customers:

  1. For new Enterprise customers (includes upgrading from Basic to Enterprise), add-on McAfee Anti-virus at 35% discount (use case for unmanaged PCs); service contract available at 2 for 1 or first 12 months for free
  2. For new prospects (competitive swap out), trade-in your existing USB drives for IronKey devices at 20% off MSRP and get 12 months of service free
  3. Anyone looking for a 16GB device, IronKey will double the capacity to 32GB at the price of a 16GB ($199 MSRP)

All promotions are available NOW!

Take advantage of these offers now by notifying your customers and register the opportunities with Fortress Pte Ltd by contacting Daniel Cheng on +65 9880 1380 or email to  Sales@fortress-ap.com for a quote.