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Breakfast Round Table Presentation (5 Dec) @ Hollandse Club (Singapore)

Breakfast Round Table Presentation for Senior Security IT Network Professionals by Lance Gaines (Rune)

With the proliferation in use of smart mobile devices, the need for secure data encryption grows stronger every day. As more and more sensitive data becomes available in digital formats, individuals and organizations alike face new challenges for securing and protecting data against unauthorised access and loss. The chosen data protection solution can only be as effective as the strength of the underlying cryptographic cipher.

During this session, our partners had the opportunity to learn and understand the following from Lance Gaines (Rune):

  • Practical steps to avoid getting their data stolen 
  • Easy tools that can be used to get data, not government tools, but ones anyone can buy (COTS)
  • Practical strategies to greatly reduce the chance of getting pawned (hacked)
  • What to look for to find out if the organization got pawned
  • Safety tips for Social Media
  • Cloud Security, Secure Data Storage and Email Encryption 

FORTRESS WITH RUNE and OUR Valued Partners