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iSWec 2012 (21-22 Mar) @ Putra World Trade Centre (Kuala Lumpur)

It is an unprecedented growing concern across the globe when it comes to information security. New threats require new solutions.

Data protection, Cloud Security or Mobile Device Security could be the trends for 2011. What's in for 2012, 2013 and beyond? Research shows that there will be five key trends shaping the nature of IT security threats and they includes cyber-insecurity; an open knowledge society; the evolving internet; the smart enterprise; and the consumerization of IT. 

Fortress demonstrates and showcases products that feature all the best that the security industry has to offer!
  • Rapid7 - Fixing vulnerabilities that don’t expose your data is expensive. Rapid7 solutions validate vulnerabilities so you only invest resources on ones that matter.
  • Imation - Powerful scalable storage & data security products & solutions for business and government organizations worldwide.
  • Lumension - Simplifies IT security and compliance management and provides proactive protection of enterprise data and IT assets while improving operational efficiencies and ensuring compliance with hundreds of global regulations, mandates and internal policies.
  • SecureAge - Provides data protection solutions that help prevent, protect, and shield governments and enterprises from any possible data breaches.
  • Ipanema Technologies - Provides enterprises with a direct connection between application performance and their business requirements.